| Review | Adagio Tea

I was contacted by Adagio Tea asking if I’d like to sample and review* some of their artisan teas. Their teas are full of antioxidants and not all their teas are caffeinated. The company use hand picked teas which are sourced directly from origin and they’re brimming with nutrients, with no added sugar and all natural flavours! Also, they are vegan and gluten free which is even better.

I was able to select a few flavours that I liked the sound of and was expecting to just get a tea pot and some sachets of tea, when I opened the box I was shocked! I have 22 different flavours of teas, a tea pot, a mug, paper filters and a matcha kit with 3 flavours! (I’m going to do a separate post about these)
I was/still am extremely grateful, thank you so much Danielle from the Adagio team!


I’ve never really used loose leaf tea at home that often as I thought it was a bit of a faff on. However, the ingenuiTEA pot is so easy to use! You simply boil the kettle, spoonful the recommended amount of tea in, pour on the water, leave to brew for the allocated time and then (my favourite bit) stand it on top of your mug and it pours through!!


You can definitely taste the difference with these loose leaf teas over regular supermarket ones I’d usually use. I obviously have a lot of flavours to get through! But, so far my particular favourites out of the ones I’ve tried are Lemongrass because it was so refreshing and Passion fruit as it’s the first proper fruity tea I’ve enjoyed. I’m a big peppermint tea drinker and when I tried the Peppermint one it was amazing and it tastes so much better than supermarket boxes, my parents agreed too. The very first flavour I tried was Chocolate Chip and although it sounds amazing, I didn’t enjoy it that much. I’m excited to work my way through all of the flavours!

I definitely recommend Adagio Tea as with such a large range of flavours, there is something for everyone! Also, the teapot is so easy to use which makes me want to drink more loose leaf tea.

Also, I’m doing a giveaway for a tea pot, mug and a choice of 4 samples of your choice! You can find all of the information over on my Instagram @charlotterebeccakidd to enter. (Closes Sunday 25th March)

Thank you again to Danielle from the Adagio Teas team for offering me the opportunity to try the teas.

Thanks for reading!

*I was lucky enough to be sent all of these products for free. All opinions are my own and honest.



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