| Food | Monthly Vegan Favourites – February


Top 3 Homemade Meals:
1. Pancakes.
Obviously Pancake Day was in February and I made the best pancake stack ever!

2. Mushroom Wellington.
I’ve been wanting to make a wellington for over a year and finally did it one Sunday. For my first one I think it went pretty well! Perfect for a Sunday dinner.
3. Chocolate torte.
This was torte-lly my favourite dessert I’ve ever made! So easy and tasted absolutely amazing. I will definitely be making more of these.

Top 3 Shop Buys:
1. Sriracha Mayo & Sauce
I’ve seen people talk about/use these for ages and I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to get on the hype!
2. Moser Roth Chocolate.
I’m always on the look out to try chocolate that is suitable for vegans. I found this one in Aldi and it’s SO good! They have other flavours too but I didn’t check if all were suitable. I’d definitely recommend the sea salt one. It comes in 5 little bars too so less tempting to eat the whole thing at once.

3. Oatly The Original Oat Drink Barista Edition.
I’ve seen people talk about this milk for coffees and I’m kicking myself for waiting this long to try it. I did only get it on the 28th of February so haven’t used it all month, but when you know; you know. A lot of plant milks I’ve used in my coffees at home tend to split and go a weird way, this one doesn’t do that yay!

Top 3 Meals Out:
1. Camber Coffee.
I’ve already wrote a post about my visit here if you wanna read more about it!

2. Proven Goods Co.
I’ve been waiting for my favourite doughnut place to have a vegan doughnut. I saw on their Instagram they had a vegan one at the last Quayside Market and I rushed down to grab one. It was worth the wait! Follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with where their dropping doughnuts off at.

3. Zizzi.
On Valentine’s Day we ended up going out for a meal at Aveika, they didn’t have anything I fancied for dessert so we decided to pop into Zizzi. I had the Sticky Chocolate & Praline torte and it was really nice. I need to go try the vegan menu at Zizzi’s properly!

Thanks for reading!


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