| Food | Lunch @ Camber Coffee

Camber Coffee is located on Market Street above Start Fitness. When you go in through the fitness store there are plenty of arrows to guide you to the coffee shop. Just follow the black arrow road.
It’s a great open space with high ceilings and simple decor. I’m a fan of the old style bus seats in the corner. It’s surrounded by windows too so you can get that perfect #insta shot for sure. Also, a good people watching spot if you’re by the window.


Hot drink list is on the back wall, there is a fridge filled with goodies and a small chalk board with tasty meals. Everything is a really good price and ideal for a lunch stop.
I went with my mam and we shared our food so we could try a couple of things. We had Avo’ toast, The BLT and a slice of chocolate torte. This foodie pic makes me giddy cos it’s deffo the perfect insta shot for sure! (Remember what I said about the lighting in here…)
Avo toast has definitely become a basic b#tch dish with so many places serving it and 96% of Instagram-ers making it for the breakfast. (I’m not hating, I do love avo toast). However, it was really nice to see a more exciting version of the popular dish!
Topped with pesto, tomato salsa, fresh basil and balsamic + vegan cream cheese(£4.70); it was a delightful slice of dish to enjoy.
The BLT – aubergine bacon, fresh lettuce, sliced tomato, complimented by they’re smokey mayo & beetroot ketchup (£4.50). Now, don’t eat this expecting the aubergine bacon to be like the real deal cos it wasn’t but, it was amazing! The mayo & beetroot ketchup was one of the tastiest sauces I’ve ever had.
One of our favourite things about this lunch was that we didn’t feel bloated after, we felt very satisfied.
The chocolate torte was amazing too, I spotted it in the fridge when placing our order and had to get a slice. I sent pics to my dad too and he hinted for us to bring him a slice home. £2.00 a slice too was definitely a reasonable price.
I had a latte and my mam had a cappuccino both with oat milk and they were lovely. I only became a coffee drinker in 2k16 and would always add a couple of sugars, but I love when a coffee is so nice that you don’t even need to add any!

I really recommend this place for a coffee stop or lunch. They also do Afternoon Tea so I’m gonna have to give that a go!

Drinks: 5
Service: 4
Interior: 3
Price: 4
Location: 4
Overall: 4
Would I return: Yep!




  1. OMG it looks so good! I managed to convince hubby to stop by there for lunch, but he took one look at the counter and decided it all looked too healthy for him … grrrr!!!

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