| Food | Lunch @ Vegano Fast Food Stall

My fave thing to do on a Sunday is visit the Quayside Market. The amount of food stalls there now is amazing!!

One of my fave stalls has got to be Vegano Fast Food. I first tried them last summer at Staiths Food Market.

The vintage converted horse box is always in the same place at the Quayside, at the end close to the Swing Bridge (best till last in my opinion!) and easy to spot.

They’ve got a good little selection of fast food all at a very reasonable price. I first tried the “Chilli Dog Hot Dog” last year (no pic soz). It’s weird cos before I turned vegan I would never choose to order a hot dog and very, very rarely ate them but I fancied trying this one and it was lovely! I’ve tried 2 of the burgers too.
This is the “Fully Loaded” and good grief it is true to it’s name. I couldn’t even fit it in my mouth!! The burgers are a great texture and flavour. I love onions and they were nice and soft. The burger sauce completes the whole thing, it’s just so tasty.
This is the “Fakey Bacon Cheezburger” from a previous visit. The cheeeeeese was so good and I enjoyed the bacon too! I desperately want another now after writing this. I need to try the other dishes too as I’ve seen some pics online and they look fab.

Vegano are at the market most Sunday’s but you can check their Instagram to double check as they often say if they won’t be there. The owners Nat & Russ are really friendly too and are always very chatty!

I’d fully recommend trying something from Vegano whether you’re vegan or not, if you’re after a fully loaded burger full of flavour that’s gonna cause a mess when eating; this is the place to go. Sun or gloom, you’ll still get a fab burger!

Drinks: –
Service: 5
Interior: 4
Price: 4
Location: 5
Overall: 5
Would I return: Yep!



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