| Food | Lunch @ Junk It Up

Yay for vegan junk food at Junk It Up in Byker!J7
Junk It Up offers an entirely vegan junk food menu with sit in or takeaway options. (Delivery will be happening at some point too!) It opened in December 2017 by the team from The Bohemian. During my 2 visits in January there were a few other people sitting in and others popping in and out for takeaway food too. It makes my heart happy when you see new independent businesses doing well!

The menu is quite short and sweet, but I find sometimes that works best. One thing that makes me uneasy is a takeaway or restaurant that offers more an insane amount of dishes and more than 1 cuisine of food.
This was my second visit to the venue and it was even better than the first time.
They recently took part in Vegan Restaurant Week and their offer was so popular it’s now available all the time!

Also, they have a new lunch meal deal served Monday – Friday between 12 – 4pm which I opted for. The offer includes 3 pieces of fricken, fries, slaw & sauce for £6.95. I think this deal is excellent value for money as you’re getting a full meal as appose to just a wrap or burger for similar price. (I’m still happy to pay for the items alone though depending what I fancy at the time)
My mam got a “Tandoori kebab” and I had a try and good grief it had some spice! She really enjoyed her wrap and had a try of my fricken too & slaw. She did say the fricken was a tad on the greasy side for her, but I did remind her although vegan; this is a junk food place so it’s not healthy!
I thoroughly enjoyed my meal! The first time I visited I had a fricken burger with cheese and I think the flavour of the fricken has improved greatly after a few weeks. It’s got a really good balance of seasoning to it now. Yes, it is a bit greasy; but it is junk food after all!
Chips were on point, typical fast food type skinny and crispy with a salty flavour. The slaw was fresh and crisp. I think this was my first time having vegan mayo and I enjoyed it. It’s thicker than regular mayo but doesn’t taste much different.
I have had KFC in the past but it was never a place I went to that often, I’d always see pics of people finding chicken feet etc in their food which you don’t ever wanna see when you’re eating, so this fricken means there is no worry of that. Plus, it tastes amazing and is cruelty free!

If you didn’t know that was vegan chicken on the pic, I doubt you’d be able to tell! The soya based alternative is so much like chicken. It actually baffles me the amount of meat alternatives there are that are taste/look/feel the same as the real deal.

Overall, I definitely recommend Junk It Up and I can’t wait until they start doing deliveries.

Drinks: –
Service: 4
Interior: 3
Price: 4
Location: 4
Overall: 4
Would I return: Yep!




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